Control stabilized video speed so I can stabilize a 1fps slideshow with smooth panning

I have a shaky timelapse (png sequence) where the camera pans across the scene. I have 100 pictures taken at 1 fps. I would like to create a 30fps video where the panning is smooth but the input images only change once every 30 frames.

I know how to stabilize this sequence using trackers, and then recreate the panning effect by animating the offsets of the image using nodes. But then for every frame in the output video, the input video advances one frame.

How can I make the stabilized input video advance 1 frame every 30 blender frames? While the panning animation does advance every blender frame.

Things I’ve tried: keyframe the video offset frame so the video advances slower. however tracking doesn’t play nice with this, and it messes with the offset frame.

What I would like: Framerate control for the movie clip and 2D stabilization nodes.

I guess I could slow down the original video, render at 30fps (Creating 30 copies of each frame) and then import that into a new project and stabilize it. But this means I have to track each frame 30 times, and also I can’t play with the framerate later.

Any ideas?

In the ‘Dimensions’ tab -> ‘Time remapping’. Set the old value to 1 and the new to 30.

I also tried this, but still, for every frame I advance in blender (by pressing the right arrow), the video advances one frame also.
Time remapping stretches any animations I have in my nodes and objects, but the movie clip is still driven at 1 frame per blender frame, so it doesn’t help in this case.