Controling bones how ?

Well i created a bone structure not to complex
Then for each bone i created stretched cubes, and each bone became P parent of his assigned cube.
Next i created a keyboard sensor for key M then an And controller and next a rotation movement z axis +1 degree.
I assigned a pin to them.

But the problem seams it wont move a part of the bone, rotating an elbow; no the whole bones structure is rotated.
I would like to do a 1 bone rotation, and the next bones by another key… how should i do that ?

The Logic Bricks apply to the entire Armature, not to the Bone you selected. To change a single Bone, you can play with Bone Constraints or access the Bone via Python, if the Logic is on the Armature: bge.logic.getCurrentController().owner.channels[“name_of_bone”]
Here is the API for Bone Channels:

Here is a little Example (connect to Sensor with a Frequency):

import bge

own=bge.logic.getCurrentController().owner #define Object

BoneName=own.channels["Bone1"] #name the Bone

rotZ=BoneName.rotation_euler[2] #Bone's Z Orientation (read-only)

BoneName.rotation_mode=1 #set Bone Rotation to Euler (XYZ)
BoneName.rotation_euler=(0.0,0.0,rotZ+0.1) #rotate Bone's Z Axis

own.update() #runs the Armature

thanks that works, no i would also like to scale some bones, based on your code sample but that doesnt work

import bge

own=bge.logic.getCurrentController().owner #define Object

BoneName=own.channels[“Bone.006”] #name the Bone

size=BoneName.scale[2] #z axis

BoneName.scale=(0.0,0.0,size-0.1) #enlarge
own.update() #runs the Armature

my problem was setting scale (0,0,x) with zero the object vanished

I assume you imply that you solved the Scaling Problem? (Just in Case, the basic Scaling is 1.0, just like when scaling an Object in Blender.)