Controllable shadow color and intensity: w00t! Now in SVN

I’m trying to get my patch for a new feature – per-lamp control over shadow color and intensity – evaluated for inclusion into trunk. If you’re interested in such things, head over to to read a complete write-up on the new feature, including a technical discussion and pretty examples for the technically impaired.

Direct link here.

Really good writeup, I do have the idea of making shadow art with this colored shadows stuff. I do hope Ton sees this as a nice addition as many would be benefited from this feature.

I am pretty inexperienced with lighting/rendering, but BBB looks like colored shadows were used, they seem to be purple, greenish-blue, but not black/gray. How was this done?

This is really cool feature, I guessed this was already possible with nodes or was not?

You can do anything with renderlayers and nodes, but with this, you just select the lamp you want to colorize (or de-intensify) shadows for, grab an RGB color from the picker and render.

This will give a heck more artistic freedom, hence extremely welcome addition.

Great!.. looks great!.. i hope this gets approved!.. thanks for your effort!

GRACI!! This will make outdoor scenes (where shadows are slightly blue) a whole new level of realism, as wells as some super trippy renders. This is awesome!

That looks like a great addition to the Blender lighting tools. Good work, harkyman!

Would be a great addition to Blender.

Can’t wait to see this on blender, it’s a MUST HAVE.

Harkyman, i have a question… does this patch affects AO and AAO as well as other lights?.. 'cause it would be awesome if it did… how hard would it be to add this feature?


The shading from ambient occlusion is a whole different thing. This is only used for CAST shadows, which means that it works in conjunction with lamps exclusively.

im waiting for this for aaaages! awesomeness!! :slight_smile:

Thats really cool. What do you need to get it into trunk?
Any chance of getting into 2.47?

Won’t be in 2.47. What it needs is a good code and feature review from Ton, and also some evidence that artists really dig it and find it useful.

Well, I for one dig it. without a shadow (no pun intended) of a doubt. Is there any way to get a hold of a working build?

Making colored shadows with Nodes fails if the material of the object the shadow falls onto is set to ‘Only Shadows’. Sounds like this might be a good work around. Nice!

Once you start using this, you see that coloring shadows in nodes is the workaround for not having it.

@tuqueque: You know you can control the intensity of AO with the energy slider and the mode you use. To color AO simply use the AO pass and color that before you recomposite it.

@harkyman: I really think this is a nice and useful shortcut for a lot of situations and a lot easier to control and setup then using composite especially since you need to isolate shadows in the compositor first.