Controlled animation video

I know there was already thread in this topic (/uploads/default/original/3X/9/7/97853dd04d22adca2b226cf3c0d3768b32a9d2a0.blendd=1319012096) and it is marked as Solved, but I am not really happy about it, and I tried to develop my own (based on original video tutorial)

controled_video.blend (482 KB)

I admit that for me everything is exploration in blender and maybe I have just used wrong logic, because at first animation sops and wait until “c” is pressed (at 20 frames) but after next stop (frame 65) it continues only if I hold “c” - and that what I wanted to prevent

sorry for bothering you with this topic again, and thanks in forward for help :slight_smile:

(I have also tried to do it with python controlling camera by applyMovement and recalculating movement vectors but rendering was unbelievably slow and bit inaccurate)