Controlled camera?

Ok so I have no clue how hard this may be, but I am wondering how you would make a controlled camera, like so you can change the camera angle and the camera will rotate around you to look at your back, but only when your moving. So if your not moving the camera wont move.


It’s easy, select both the camera and the cube and then click ctrl + p to make the camera parent to the cube. Then set logic to the cube.

Well thats not quite what I want. I want so that if your moving the camera will rotate to follow behind you, but if your not moving the camera wont rotate and you can rotate it around the guy.

But I think I figured out how to stop the camera from rotating if your not moving, not I just need to know how to rotate the camera yourself.

Anyone know how?

miscreant game can change camera how you want. (with wasd buttons)

Hey there

I 'd like to help, but I don’t have any real idea of what you want.

Could you try to discribe the movement of the camera in more detail.
Perhaps add some picture to it

Fore instance I need to know what exactly you mean by rotating
(what’s the pivot point and in what plane will the camera be rotating?)

You basicly describe two actions in the game: moving and not moving
Exactly what can the camera do when your character is moving?
And what can it do when the character is not moving?


When your moving I want the camerea to rotate around the player until it is looking at his back, and when your not moving I want to be able to rotate the camera around the player using arrow keys or something.

What about you make the camera rotate around the player but when while your pressing a movement key it activates a camera actuator?

That how I have it now, but I dont know how to make one object rotate around another.

Parent an empty to the player and place it in the centre of it. Then parent your camera to the empty and apply rotation to the empty.

Ok cool thanks.

Hey there,

I made a .blend to demonstrate what I think you need/like.

Take a look at it and comment it if you like.


Kind of, but while moving I want it to act just like the camera actuator.

How would that be . . . . .


Like if you turn enough you will see the side of the guy then when you stop turning it moves back to center behind the guy.

I think my .blend does that … does’nt it???


Not quite, when your moving its always pretty much right behind the character. It rotates around the character as you turn, I want it to rotate to point at the character then move in the direction it points.