Controlled Clipping

Is it possible to control the clipping of objects in blender? I have pretty big terrain and I want the clipping of grass to be close and then the clipping of the ground to be very far to work as LOD to save memory.


clipping belongs to the camera. So it belongs to all object the camera can see (or not see).

Beside the frustum culling you can use occluder objects (e.g. inside a of an hill) to occlude objects behind them.

I have once tried using two Scenes (Scene 2 having a LOD Variation of my Terrain) with the Camera of Scene 1 clipping from 0 to 1000 and the Camera of Scene 2 clipping from 1000 to something-above. The Result ran slower than before the Test. :confused: (Too bad, I liked the Idea… but maybe I did something wrong and it would work.)

Other than that, it is not the Object being clipped, it is always the Camera (edit: like Monster said). I only could imagine a Logic Workaround (Logic=Python), but depending on how much Grass you have in Mind, it could become very logic-intensive.

The Multi-scene idea is really good. But it introduces more scenes which “doubles” the amount of work. As all other LOD solutions it depends on the situation if it increases or decreases the performance.


  • allows smooth detail transition basing on distance independent of the object size (e.g. looking along a long wall)
  • no need to check for each single object to be switched on and off.
  • detailed scenes can be small
  • allows really large views (huge terrain/space)
  • allows mixed indoor/outdoor scenes (e.g. walking inside a moving space ship)


  • additional scenes required (= more processing)
  • synchronizing of animated objects between the scenes (incl. Cameras)
  • hard transition between details (missing transparent mist!)

Perhaps it would be easier to actually end objects and add them when at certain distances and have the terrain split up into different sections. I’d like to do what bethesda does by putting lod objects behind the camera (everything not in view is bad quality) but I think it’s impossible with blender. Correct me if I’m wrong

I did a LOD test using multiple scenes a while back based on this video (, here’s the file:

Controls typical fps WASD with mouse movement
Up - space
Down- shift