Controlled Transparency

(Serifiz) #1

Since I am completely new to Blender, I’ve not found a function I am looking for…if it’s possible.

I’ve only been using it for a few weeks and have gone through as many tutorials I can find.

I did the tutorial on BlenderChar for the Pixar-ish eyes, and the tutorial for using the lattice deformation for the cartoon eyes. I’ve combined these two and made an animation. It looks ok, but I am running into a problem when I want the eyes to blink.

When the eylids shut, I can see the lids themselves through the transparent film covering the eye (cornea). You’ll see it the most obvious on the lower lid.

Is it possible to make the material transparent to all objects except the lids?

Or is it possible to have the lids not render where the cornea and lids intersect (some boolean operation)?

Or do I have to deform the lid during the animation so that is never seen inside the cornea?

It’s nice to have the lids thick, so when the eyeballs move, it looks ply-able or sort of sucking to the eye.

I’m not sure if my site supports hotlinking but here it is in slo-mo encoded Divx 4.12, 360kB


(shibbydude) #2

Hi. Instead of using solid eyelids, create the shells like real eyelids. That way when they blink the material goes over the eye instead of through it.