Controllers in another "area" (pane)?

Sorry if this is something I could have searched up; I’ve given it a good effort but I’m probably ignorant of some terminology.

I know how to set up shapes within in the scene as sliders to drive shapekey/bone animation etc. like this SouthernShotty Youtube tutorial.

But is there a way to create and work with controllers that exist outside the scene set up to pass “convenient” customizable values?

For example, say I wanted to animate eyes, I’d like to be able to set up a separate “area” with a controller that’s a box within a box.
Perfectly centred would pass X = 0, Y = 0; 100% left would pass X = -90, Y = 0; 100% right would pass X = 90, Y = 0; 100% down would pass X = 0, Y = -90; 100% up X = 0, Y = 90.
Then maybe text entry fields for manual input.
Maybe some buttons for different snap-to options (e.g. preset facial expressions).

Is something like this possible out-of-the-box?