Controlling exploding objects


Ive been working on this animation where certain objects explode out of a bag and then rearrange themselves into a certain formation. The catch: there’s just too many of them.

Ive currently tried to animate using the follow path constraint. So I have 6 paths emanating from the bag and 20 objects that are supposed to follow each path (The image shows just one path with 2 objects on it).

Chipmasque and Atom have helped me out by explaining how to arrange these objects on these paths (many thanks to them), but the problem is I find myself adjusting the positions of 120 objects for just a second of animation.

So to speed things up (Ive got to complete this by tomorrow) I tried using the array modifier to create the impression of explosion, but then I cant control the objects later to rearrange them.

Really need a smart solution to implement this (Uhm scripts maybe). Running out of time.