Controlling light, avoiding wrinkles

I am working on a character and have run into two problems.

I have carefully carved out the face using loop cuts but when I recalculated the normals I ended up with wrinkles in some of the faces on the nose. I’ve looked at the faces and I can’t see any over lapping faces or vertices that might be buggering up the surface. All of the normals are pointing outwards. What could be causing this?

I would like to have the character/s hovering in a field of white with a little shadow under them. Some of the camera angles are going to be quite low. What is my best strategy for setting up the lighting and the floor plane?

You can find the artwork here, at least for the next month…


Remove doubles or run the “Cleanup Mesh” script.


I’ve tried remove doubles, I’ll the the script.
Thanks for pointing the way.

it doesnt seem you turned on OSA button for the rendering part…looks very jaggy…