controlling material by texture

hi forum,

how do i achieve the following:
i want to control my material attributes (reflection, normals, specular) with a texture.
for procedural voronoi texture. white should be reflective in the material but the diffuse color should remain in all the black fields.
i only achieve the reflection, but everything else turns in the color which is specified in the color field in the Influence tab …

i see that at the moment my whole voronoi texture influences the materials reflection, but i only want to make the white parts of the v. texture affecting the reflection…

thanxs !!!

Use show alpha option in the preview panel of the texture.

hi zeauro,

turning the alpha on doesnt help me …
if someone could post / or show how to control the reflection by a procedural texture (e.g. voronoi)
it would help me really - cant be too hard :slight_smile:

thanks a bunch

That is what the texture channels are for in the material. You can create a voronoi map, put it in a texture channel and then in the MapTo TAB choose reflection instead of the default of COLor. For reflection, you also have to have the Reflection button turned on and the amount turned up from the default of 0.0.

sure ! thats the thing im trying too but does nt work.

please have a look @

and correct my file ?! :eyebrowlift:

salute - thanxs

2.53 Beta

got it !
i did check mirror but not ray mirror - stupid meeeeeeee.