Controlling motion blur - test

Testing with motion blur.

What I wanted to do is to simulate the motion blur when the player (in FPS game) rotates the camera at certain velocity and then everything becomes more or less blurry, but if you move slow, motion blur is not applied. Also if you only walk and turn arround not so fast, motion blur is not applied.

Why not just use mine? or Thatimster’s?

Hi Kitebizelt :slight_smile:

Well to be honest I tested yours ( thanks for share BTW :slight_smile: ), but one of them didnt work as expected, and the other worked very well, but it was kinda complex for what I wanted to do (I didn´t wanted per object Mblur ) also it used to be quite GPU expensive, so I decided to try for myself.

As a matter of fact I’m only using the included 2DFilter actuator MBlur with a script to calculate camera rotation velocity, only when moved at certain velocities the Blur is applied with different amounts, if there is no mouse movement MBlur is disabled, and that worked very well for me, keeping 60 fps :slight_smile:

As mentioned by kitebizelt, I also did something similar but with the radial blur filter by martinsh. This looks much nicer (with radial blur) I think, because the built-in Mblur looks like someone is drunk rather than moving fast.
Here is the link if you haven’t seen it yet, I’m assuming you use a similar technique for determining motion blur amount :D.

The rest looks great though!

Ooh, okay :slight_smile:
Yeah, it does pretty much consume FPS :stuck_out_tongue: