Controlling multiple lights at once in Blender internal?

I have a pretty complex scene and a lot of fill lights to simulate GI. Tuning them individually takes way too long. Any ideas?

If the lamps are the same with the same energy you can link duplicate them (Alt+D) so changing one will change all the other linked lamps.
Add a driver to control the lamp energy value. RM on the energy value and Add Driver. Drive it with an empty or bone.

Also consider using “lighting by exception.” Cycles, or even BI ambient-light, could provide the base illumination that you need for even exposure throughout the scene … then you can add light or shadow as necessary. You can use any number of Blender render inputs, saved as MultiLayer files, to build and tweak your final scene.

If you have “lots of lights,” especially lights that cast shadows, then you have lots of computational effort hence lots of time.

I do not know what you mean :wink: Actually,I find that you get lamps that do not cast shadows basically for free. No my lamps do not have the same energy value. Would this driver method work in this case? I have never used it before.