Controlling path extrusions sizes


I’m sure this has been asked here before, but I could’t seem to find it via search. I trying to extrude a Bezier circle along a path that’s Bezier curve that I’ve edited. The path curve was scaled and I adjusted the dimensions at some point. What I’m wanting is that the extruded geometry to use the circle’s radius. However, there seems to be some kind of scale/dimension applied to it that I can’t get rid of. I tried Applying the Scale, but this only makes the scale uniform.

Here’s what it currently looks like…as you can see the circle is quite small compared to the openings of the extruded geometry.

If you look to the right of that, under where it says “path curve deform” on the curve settings… There’s a checkbox where it says “radius”. So it’s offsetting or shifting things in or out by the radius set on each curve handle when that is enabled. (Bevel curve object only sets the base amount.) You can also set the radius on a curve handle through the N-panel while editing the curve, using Alt-S, or by doing some stuff like “smooth curve radius” through the specials menu (W key) when editing curves.

Hope that makes some sense.

Totally makes sense and it totally fixed my problem!