Controlling scene order?

My testing of Blender for large movie projects continues, and one thing has started to become more of a burden than expected. I’m wondering if there is some feature I missed.

In short, I ‘design’ a movie as a series of scenes, and a single project can, not surprisingly, contain a lot of scenes. The problem is that scenes get automatically ordered alphabetically in the dropdown menu, forcing me to use numbered scenes, which ALSO get reordered, because 14 comes before 2 when going by alphabetical order.

Is there a setting that makes scene order manual? I would like to just create and freely name a bunch of scenes and have them remain in the order they were created in. If I can even move them about, to reorder scenes, that would be even better!

Unfortunately, Blender appears quite stubborn about alphabetizing your scenes.

However, there is an easy solution to your numbering issue-- just pad out the numbers with zeros, e.g [01, 02, 03]. Then they will always appear in the correct order. This is a common method for numbering pretty much any kind of asset in various applications.