Controlling Settings for Good Printouts (removing things like axes and background)

I’m working toward using Blender for producing architectural plans. No, I’m not an architect, I’m an amateur, but I do the plans for buildings on our lot for use by the county Inspections Department, plan approval, and for my contractors for construction. Right now, as my learning project, I’m doing the plans for a deck for our renovated barn. I need to be able to print out my renderings on PDFs.

I have two problems (so far!) with being able to print my plans out:

  1. Removing the axes lines and floor
  2. Use an Alpha background


  1. I am doing renderings from various points of view, then printing them. I know I can use Overlays and hide the axes and floor there, but is there some way I can specify for a particular camera to never see any of these guides? For instance, if I’m in a normal 3D view, I’d see everything, but once I switch to, say, Camera A, is there a way to make Camera A never see these guides if they’re visible in the 3D View?

  2. Alpha background - I know I can change the background, but that’s problematical, since, if I change it to white, I have to change a lot of other things, like labels, so I’ll see them against a white background. What I’d like to do is just make the background Alpha, so when I print, the printer makes no attempt to print out any color at all. If there were a check box that said, “Don’t print any background,” that’d be exactly what I’m looking for