Controlling the number of vertices on a circle mesh

Hi gentlemen/ladies

Once I’ve created a circular mesh I can change the # of vertices in edit mode. However once I start working with it for a while, stretching it etc… I can’t find the number slider for vertices anymore. Also on a cylinder, how would I control the number of faces after working with it?

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The option is only available when you create the original object. Once this has been accepted you cannot go back to those settings to change them

Wait so If I wanted to create a LOD of an object I made, I would have to remake it?

thanks by the way

There are other tools you can use to subdivide or decimate your faces on a mesh later on. But there is no possible way for Blender to automatically know how to increase the edge count on a circle once you’ve changed it. A nice-to-have would be that Blender keeps displaying the initial editing function until you really change the mesh. Right now, even if you just click somewhere, you lose that panel.