Controlling the Vortex field?

A couple of people seem to have asked this already but apparently no answers were posted, so I’ll try again.

I’m trying to get a differential rotation of a particle field to simulate dust cloud rotation in a circumstellar disc. The inner parts need to rotate faster than the outer, just as in planetary orbits.

The Vortex field can do this but it also applies a force that pushes the particles outward from the center, which is not wanted. Is there some way to counter or null this effect? I can minimize but not eliminate it using the field’s settings.

Thanks for any suggestions.

EDIT: Sorry, posted this in the wrong section. If the mods could move it to Support/Animation it’d be appreciated.

I have no idea about this field but i need to know about this.Can you share about this something with us?

It sounds to me like you’d want to use gravity rather than vortex.

See if this gives you an effect like what you want. Make sure you let it run a few hundred frames. (Made with 2.52 r30153)


ParticleDisc.blend (487 KB)

Thanks for the suggestion & the example .blend. I don’t use 2.5 much yet but when I get a break from other work using 2.49 I’ll give it a spin & see what’s cookin’ (hah! mixing automotive & domestic chores metaphors – must be the heat :wink: )