Controlling Visibility in Cycles Technique Shared

So I really wanted to use cycles for an upcoming animation project, but was disappointed to find out cycles didn’t have a way to animate an object’s opacity like you can in Blender Internal. I think I have found a way to do it in cycles using material nodes as shown below. By adjusting the Fac value of the leftmost Mix Shader node to 0, you can effectively make it invisible. The key was also making the color of the Transparent Shader node have an alpha value of 0. With this setup you could just keyframe the Fac value of the leftmost Mix Shader node and animate an object’s visibility. This is good for when you want to fade something onscreen in place or fade it out.

I know someone may have figured this out already but I thought it was a simple way to achieve it and I also could not find anything on google showing me how I could animate visibility with cycles. Hope this helps someone out there!! Enjoy

-In Search Graphics


Hello @InSearchGFX!

I have a scene with a couple objects fading in, one after another.

I was using this method to achieve the fading in of the objects but had a problem, some of the faces (of transparent objects behind) would a appear black/darker.
I increased the transparency bounces to reduce that but that increases the render times to up to 30-35 mins per frame.
I also disabled caustics to try and reduce the render times but it didn’t affect it much.

Do you know if there is a way to keep it look nice without increasing the transparency bounces so high?

What else could I change?