(Controversial:) Do we need legal policies for commercial exploitation of Blender?

Fine, tell the Free Software Foundation & the Blender Foundation that the GPL they wrote & use does not do what they designed & used it for. I’m sure you’ll make as much progress trolling them as you are here.

Indeed, except we were talking about addons. Addons are not .blend files containing simply data. They are Python code written to work with & link into GPL Python code libraries implementing the Blender Python API.

Netherlands is not the sole source of copyrights contained within Blender. Blender is not used and distributed solely within the Netherlands. We are talking about how the GPL affects copyrights and distribution across the world, not just in one small country that houses less than 10% of Blender’s users. Regardless of where the Blender Foundation is incorporated, the copyright issue spans the globe and contributors who have copyrights on the code span the globe too.

Here’s a quickie for you - what nationality is Campbell Barton (primary developer of the Blender Python API)? :wink:

No, he doesn’t have it wrong. An inkscape svg file is not a derivative work of inkscape, as you do not need the inkscape source code to make the svg file. You only need the binary. The same thing applies to a .blend file. However, a python script cannot run without the API. Similarly, I cannot compile a plugin without using the header files of the API. If that header file is GPL, than anything I compile that includes that header file is a derivative work. It is a very different situation from an svg file in inkscape.

And ofcourse if it means that the coders in question become a little bit less piss poor.