Controversy Revolution


PLOT : You play as Joe,a trained soldier and a technician who used to work for a secret agency but now works on his own garage.His mission is to save all humans from the research facility.They were doing a research on how aging of living things can be stopped.:slight_smile:


The sheer amount of information in this post is almost absurd. Learn to break up 10,000 words into paragraphs. But yeah, what’s it about?

Nice… Did you model the character or is it from makehuman or somewhere else?

I will be using MakeHuman for character modelling,texturing and rigging and also for clothes will be using MakeClothes !

That’s probably not going to work very well unless you retopo the characters. 60,000 verts is a bit high way too high for a single character.

The whole level will be 1 million verts…with 4GB Ram,i5,Nvidia 600 series gpu you will be able to play it at 30fps !
all enviroment lights will be prebaked

work in progress : Warehouse
i need some feedbacks please :slight_smile:

This is something I’m wrestling with… how do you go about retopo-ing something such as a model imported from MakeHuman? I just ran into this roadblock last night when I imported a Gibson Explorer model I had in my library to a scene with a single MakeHuman character. There are now fourteen MILLION verts and I’m trying to figure out how to reduce that count.

Use the edge loop for reduce the poligons. sorry english.

@carlo697 : thanks :slight_smile: now i made it 4000 vertices without any loss in details ! :smiley:

Also I recommend lowering your level polygons, in a comment said the level had 1 billion of vertices, and really is much, much, much :smiley: sorry english.


Corridor Scene (Work in progress)
needs to optimize it as the frames have dropped ! :smiley: