Convair B-58 Hustler

My newest work: american supersonic bomber from sixties: Convair B-58 Hustler.

Very nice start! Nice choice of aircraft too, I dont know this one. Not that my knowledge is extensive anyway. Keen to see progress, especially given your previous work. :slight_smile:

It’s amusing to see that your first post in your WIP is what many amateurs would consider nearly complete. However, based on your previous works, this is going to turn out incredibly detailed. It’s nice to see some more modern planes in your collection too.

Which country built this plane, BTW? The name looks american, but the colour makes it look like a russian design, like the SU-32.

Otherwise, good start, but I can’t wait to see the detail build up.

Very nice B58. Love the stealth landing gear. :smiley:

The B58 is a U.S. plane.

In fact airframe of this plane is not such difficult to build as it looks like. What you see here is effect of four days work (not whole day of course, I keep some for playing Crysis :slight_smile: ). Real challenge will be when I’ll start to model undercarriage…

And here you have wires of airframe before cutting windows and adding most details.

Thanks for the clarification racreel.

And yes, you’re right myrs, it’s not too complicated… but as you said, the landing gear will be complex, and I seem to remember you put so much detail into your Me262 people thought you owned one. But even from this point, I’d have no idea what to do next. Also, you talk of cutting windows… How do you do this? Is there a tutorial I could follow? Whenever I try something like this I need to model in the details at the start or else I screw up the mesh.

Also, you should (in my opinion) eventually texture it both in B-58 and XB-58 styles.

Hi, great detail!
Once more, a superb attention to detail.
Please, but please, consider making a detailed tutorial about aircraft modelling. I wouldn’t mind paying for it, since your models are absolutely amazing! I’ve my credit card ready :smiley:
Keep up the good work!

Wow, nice job. I’ve been watching you and your excellent modeling skills, I showed my Dad, who works for a company that makes flight simulators for the Armies of the world. He asked (jokingly) “Does that guy want a job ;)”. Not a good plane in my opinion to model but that’s just me, I’d rather a F-22 Raptor or a SU of some type. But I still like the model.
Alpha Red

Alpha Red - The more advanced the fighter, the harder it is to model generally. I tried the F-22, but all the jagged edges screwed up Subsurf. The SU-37 is a bit easier but once again, stuff like the air intakes are really hard and there’s not many reference pictures of it. Personally I agree with you about modern fighter planes, but Older aircraft tend to be simpler so you can focus on a great model and render rather than the complex geometry. My opinion.

Thanks for comments mates! Here are few updated details: main wheel leg. (no more stealth undercarriage :slight_smile: )

you know it´s always a joy to see your wips.

wunderful model. no crits.

really nice, i wanna see them wheels under the bomber.

speaking of wheels, they look a bit too shiny, but youll probably fix that later :wink:

nice work

Wow, I’m watching. I’m watching and waiting.

I always wonder where you get the reference’s for the planes you model. Do you live next to a museum or something? And great detailing, as always.

Ha, ha, ha! No! Whole undercarriage is reconstructed based on photographs found in net and in few books I have.

In fact there are no materials yet - just simple, provisional for show.

After long silence few updates: Finished cockpits before texturing and also full completed pilot’s seat/capsule with seatbelts etc., and front leg… Closer to the end :slight_smile:

pilot’s seat

Nav’s station

DSO’s station

Pilot’s station

Front wheel

YES!!! Finally, this thread is alive again!

Sweet update, detailed as always… Can’t wait to see this textured fully…

Puh, you really couldn’t be claustrophobic and work in one of those. I would really like to have some crits, so I’m gonna make some up! :evilgrin: Just kidding, way above my critiquelevel this, excellent.

Wow, the detail is amazing… looks great. The landing gear looks like it would be hell to animate though.

very neat and clean. are you mr. clean?