Convention graphic done in Blender and Octane

Have some friends who did a regular 2D print graphic, and I took the idea and modified it a bit.

Modeled in Blender, Rendered in Octane, (4Kx2K downsized to 1536x768 ~1200 samples + minor surface blur in PS).

Theirs is on the right, mine is on the left incase you couldn’t tell :slight_smile: .

(added an alternate color scheme for headphones)


I personally find the 2d one lest distracting and easier on the eyes. It’s quick and too the point, but you’re render doesn’t look too bad.

+1 I wasn’t going to say it, but I agree with Keith.

i agree with the above 2… really nice image… modeling and texturing and lighting looks great but the composition needs some work… the 2d graphic is nice to look at because it flows nicely from the top left to the bottom right which is what people automaticly do… your image makes the viewer have to look where to look first… and i think that the bottom line of text is not clear enough… at first glans it looks like a reflection of the text above it…

hope this helps :slight_smile: i dont mean to rant :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the one on the left, with the caveat that the word RHYTHM needs to ‘pop’ a little more (it feels like its disappearing into the background a little, maybe a little bit of space around it would help?), and the lower line of text (date etc) could be a little brighter.

ha ha ha, that’s funny, I’ve had guys in other forums tell me just the opposite. that they liked this one better, some specifically sighting that the text was easier to read. This wasn’t meant to be used as anything, just modified the idea that they had into a 3D model. If I had time it was going to be animated ( pulsing headphones or something and a good thumping beat ).

Anyway - always appreciate good feedback. thanks guys.