Conversion between beizer and mesh and physics?

I was just making a Beizer object (using a path and extruding a beizer circle along it) and trying to make it interact with a sphere in hard body physics. But the beizer object seems to be ignored when I play the physics out. So do beizer objects not work with hard body physics? If not, is there a way to convert a beizer object to a mesh?


I’m not 100% sure about the ability of curve objects and physics, but you can convert a curve, surface, or meta object by selecting, then pressing alt c. There are slight differences. When converting a meta object, you will be given the option of either converting, or converting and keeping the meta object. With curves or surfaces, if you want to maintain a copy, you will have to copy the object first, then use alt c.

Best of Luck!

Cool, that does exactly what I want. Actually, I remember learning that before, but couldn’t remember the shortcut. I couldn’t find a menu item for that though, so its not really a shortcut, is it?

spacebar…object…convert object type