conversion from Rhino & making 3d into vectorial 2d using Blender

Hello everyone,

I’ve just dropped Windoze for good and I need to reproduce a task I used to do using Rhino and Illustrator.

I have a 3D model of a “telescreen” which I include in 2d into a hand drawn comic I make (

Now I need to convert the rhino format into something Blender can use, and I need to know if Blender can export a 2d vectorial drawing once I’ve placed it in the appropriate perspective so I can include it in the comic.

Any help, clue as what can and can’t be done would be very much appreciated.

Blender imports .obj format well, so you can export your model from Rhino as a wavefron obj,

As for ilustrator… Blender can import paths in numerous formats (.svg) It works preety ok with Inkscape but I didn’t test it too hard.
I don’t know if ilustrator savers as .svg, or anything that Blender supports. But it’s quite possible it will.

You can look for scripts too. Maybe there is something you would use.

Thanks for the lead, I’ve passed on the info to a friend so he can make the conversion (I’ve gotten rid of windows now).

I’ve got the file in .obj but Blender gives me an error message when I try to load it, it tells me it’s not a Blender file.

I simply opened the file from within Blender running on Ubuntu… are you sure about the .obj file type?

Try to import .obj instead of using open.