Conversion to Pov-Ray


I havn’t found any option to modify normals of textures in Blender (gives roughly aspect of surfaces). Thus I use Pov-Ray to perform this task. Until this point, I exported blend files in OBJ format and I converted OBJ files in POV files with Posray. But with complex meshes the result is not always perfect. Is there another way to convert BLEND files in POV files?
Thank you very much for your help.
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François Bagaïni


To perturb the texture normal from within Blender, add a texture and, on the MATERIAL page, select Nor (short for Normal) on the Map To tab.

Also, you can use the POV-Anim python script to export your scene to POV-Ray (inc animation if required). Search these forums for the link.


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Povanim link :