Convert c4d model to obj

Does anyone have a copy of Cinema4d version 19 or older that could export this model for me? I tried the recent demo version and it said it had to be version 19 or before.
Or the original from TurboSquid:

I’m planning on using it in blender 2.90 so a blend file would be awesome, but obj should work fine too.


Hey Bill,

I dont know if I converted every thing correct,
but it works in principle for me.
Exported from C4D R17, works for me in Blender 2.83 and 2.91.

Tigger (913.4 KB)

works great, Thank you very much!

I was able to get most of it working, but the whiskers and eyebrows don’t follow armature.
Any suggestions on how to fix?

TiggerAnim2.blend (1.1 MB)