Convert curve or mesh into Surface NURBS curve

I would like to convert existing curves (data as either curves or meshes, doesn’t matter) into Surface NURBS curves, so that I can skin them, as in . The data is given to me, I don’t get to create it from scratch, but it’s okay if the NURBS curves are just good approximations to my original curves. How can I do this conversion? Thanks for your help.

Hi Animik,

No I havn’t foun something like your problem. You must absolutely begin with surface-> snurb curve
No solution to transform curve to snurb curve because curve use only one direction U and SNURB curve two direction U & V.

If you just want to skin a series of curves you could convert to a mesh and either use the Bridge options or the Loft option in the ‘Loop Tools’ addon (enable in user preferences).

The final result will be a mesh. Adding a subsurf modifier can give smoother surface

Following up on my original post, the LoopTools addon’s Loft function is indeed probably the best solution here, thanks for the suggestion. The Bsurfaces addon also has similar functionality.

But it would be great if the NURBS functionality were to be further developed!