Convert curve to an even Mesh


Normally when you convert a text, or a curve into a mesh, the result is messy. Using modifiers such as the bend modifier on such a mesh returns bad results. Therefore I decided to write a little script to generate a more even mesh for blender 2.55.
Preview releases…/
Current version:
Older versions:
Or you can follow the developement on github

v0.1.1: Now you can disable on the fly calculation (useful if you try to convert complicated curves)
v0.1.1: You can now choose how many times to perform the beautify fill operator
v0.1.0: It’s actually an addon now
v0.0.3: Now it is possible to convert directly a text object, without converting it to a curve first

Note: For github, or preview releases, refer to the readme.txt file

  1. Copy the script text and put it in a file called “”
  2. Go to File->User Preferences
  3. Switch to the Add-Ons tab
  4. Press the “Install Add-On…” button and open the “” file
  5. Select a bezier curve or a text object in your scene
  6. Press space in your 3d window and search for “Convert Curve to Uniform Mesh”
  7. Play around with the settings, which appear in the bottom part of the tool-shelf
  8. Hint: Switch to wireframe mode, in order to see how the geometry looks like

Known issues:

  • As of now, the script uses the default blender operators to generate the interior mesh. This might work for thin text, but looks absolutely horrible for thicker objects like a simple circle

Convert an extruded and beveled text (or curve) into a mesh, taking in account also curve offset
I think the next step is to generate a better interior mesh



If someone has any suggestions or critiques, feel free to post them.

Looks good!
Nice algorithm!, i tired it and it works really good.
Would be nice if someone could make a UI for this.

can you give a list of the variables you need in the UI
then might be easier to implement this let say in Too Pro bottom of tool panel may be

and may be later add the addons feature!

thanks and happy 2.5

Useful, very nice deformations and text explosions :slight_smile:

yayh - this is a great script sofar I did this by hand yuk because for text deformation you need a better mesh!!!

First of all thank you for all your positive feedback. In the next days I will definitely clean up the code a little, and maybe I’ll figure out a way to embed it in the UI or even make a plug-in out of it. Currently my script just relies on 2 parameters, one for the precision of the length estimation (shouldn’t be visible for the end user I think) and one for the actual density of the geometry (vertices per unit).
One of the biggest limitations of the script right now, is that it does not add any intermediate geometry, and therefore applying my code to, say, a circle, yields messy results… I’ll have to figure out something for that case.
As said before, feedback is well appreciated

i did a first panel with an operator button to execute your script
but i got a problem with the spline line
try it and see if you can find why it’s doing this error!

file is too long

so here is a link

try it and let me know what you think

you can remove or add buttons as you need for your script to work !

happy 2.5

Thank you RickyBlender for your help. I had a look at it and cleaned it up a bit. Also the error is now gone!!!
Here is the updated version:

Nice to change a text to something very NEW, using the bezier handles …!

thank you very much I was looking for this few years :slight_smile:
as some feedback - after script running I can set value, but executing gives no result
(OS X 10.5.8, blender 2.55 official and 33330 version)

there were some options for 2.4
(that I could use for something like this )

(I’m not sure if they are working in last 2.49b version at all)

If I understood well to this script - more “clean” filling is better if I need deform mesh.
Does it good for something else? Does your script produce some net too?
And what kind of a net is the best for mesh deforming
(i’m not asking for manual topology :slight_smile: )

Thank you

This Would come handy.

I didn’t even knew there existed such a script. I’ll definitely have a look at it and try to implement it myself.

Wklidu: No, my script does not generate any internal geometry yet…


1 - First put you last version of script like in first post
so people can always find the latest version there

2 -in script add at beginning some instruction on how to use this

3 - May be add some sort of GNU licence

4 =- in first post say how to use this

5 - also add the convert from tect to curve in your script
with a BPY.ops …

now how do you use this ?

nice work on script

Thanks happy 2.5

@denis91: first script works :slight_smile: your second “fixed” script with RickyBlender’s UI doesnt as I wrote:(

@vklidu. The second script does work, just open the tool bar “T” key in the 3d windows. At the bottom under mesh tools and such, you’ll see the properties and a Execute button.

Script is great Denis91, thanks so much!

Hi, I did a fast visual comparison between cinema regular grid algorithm, this mesh conversion script and blender original… this script seems to be the more consistent one, at least for type.

@crazycourier: that’s what I wrote :slight_smile:
the first works - after run script a got result
the second with UI I got it in tool bar, I can change value, but execute did nothing (written in #10)

anyway thanks for help

to make it work you need to select a text/ font then convert to curve

the execute the script button
it work fine for me

happy 2.5

thats what I did
I can just repeat - tested on intel OS X 10.5.8, blender 2.55 official and 33330 version