convert curve

In 2.49 you used to have convert curve and could go from poly to nurbs to bezier with a click. How do you do it now? I can not get handles on a curve made with the spiral add on

look in tool panel in edit mode you can change spline type

happy bl

Its not the same. I cant change nurbs to a curve with handles

Works for me here in 2.69.

I added a nubs curve, extruded a few times, closed the loop with Alt-C in edit mode, then in the Tool panel with all selected I Set Spline Type to Bezier, and all the nodes swapped to handles.

“Spline type” I did not read it well and I did not look well. I did look for some time before I asked I really did. You change the spline type then the handles not the same.
Thanks sorry for the dumb question.

No dumb question, just clearing up if it works as expected for you as well. Never know when you might have found a bug that got missed somehow.

to change type of handles just V key and select type you want