Convert curved text into mesh

I have to align an extruded Text to a Circle and export it as an .stl to print it. The problem is, that the text has to be orbitally(?) aligned. As long as i don’t convert the Text into a Mesh it looks fine, but as soon as I convert it, it looks awful because there aren’t enough polygons to make it look smooth. Is there a simple way to fix that? Either increase the Polygons or even better, aligning the Text to the curve without curving the individual letters. Does anyone have an idea how I can do that? Thanks!!
Greetings, Hugo
weltzeituhr.blend (11 MB)weltzeituhr.blend (11 MB)

Hmmm… I’m not an expert but if you go in the properties panel of the text (the one with the F, near the Modifiers), there is an option called “Fill Deformed”, just in the first zone. I makes things more smooth! But I can’t help you to prevent the deforming…

Manually, you can pick a single letter one by one and rotating them starting from the center of the circle as pivot point (put the 3D cursor there and in the little button with the 2 circles intersecting (near the wireframe/solid/texture ecc mode), choose 3D cursor. In that way you can rotate the letters starting from the center without deforming them of course. But you’ve to be precise with spacing letters and using “Cursor to” (search with the spacebar) to center the 3D cursor.

If there is someone else that is more skilled than me, of course forget my words!

Thanks for the answer, unfortunately the option “fill deformed” didn’t work… In the end I did it like you said below and moved each letter manually in the right position. After a little bit more research I think there is acutally no sulotion to this problem.

select the mesh then press alt + c . select “Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surf/Text”

Have you tried increasing the resolution (Text panel->Resolution->Preview)? Just keep the render setting (Text panel->Resolution->Render) at zero. That way, the resulting mesh will have a much higher polygon count as well. But meshes derived from text objects always have a pretty terrible topology, as I’m sure you know. I don’t reckon that matters for 3D printing, though.