Convert .dvd (ffmpeg) to .avi?

Hello, I’m on Linux, and I like to export to ffmpeg with multiplex sound (codec mp3) as it gives me a .dvd file which is a relatively small filesize and the sound is in the file too.

However, apparently this .dvd format cannot be played on Windows (I tested on Windows Media Player). It might work on VLC but I need it to work on Windows Media Player. How do I convert from a .dvd to a .avi (still preserving the sound, quality, everything).

If possible, I would prefer a Linux way of doing it, but if not, I don’t mind using a Windows program to do it too.

Just rename it from .dvd to .mpg and it will play fine. Assuming, of course, that the target Windows machine has the proper codec.

What you really have there is an Mpeg-2 file. I don’t know why Blender tacks on the .dvd filename extension.

Hmm thank you, it ran, but there was no sound. Any ideas?

I don’t think mp3 is an allowable audio format for an mpeg2 compliant file. It may or may not work with some players, but it isn’t a supported standard. Change your audio format settings in blender to output an mp2 track instead. Sorry, I should have mentioned that earlier.

Woohoo thanks! That really helped :smiley:

Glad to be of help.