Convert Edge crease value to bevel radius?

As the topic says - is there a way to use the edge crease value in the bevel modifier, or bevel function?
When use the bevel weight - as fas as i got it - the edge bevel weight is taken as a 0/1 Value in the bevel modifier. Even if you set different bevel weights on the edges, the bevel modifier treats them all the same.
When using edge crease, the sharpness of the edges differs according to the given numbers, and after subdiv, the radiae are different.
But how can the crease data used in the bevel function?

Thanks for help!

Edge Bevel Weight is weight, not an on/off value. It does affect bevel width.


To answer the question itself though - you can’t feed crease values to Bevel modifier.

thanks stan. I must have made a mistake during bevel modifer use. On my mesh, all bevel occure the same size regardless of the weight value.
Nevertheless, thanks for the information!