Convert f-curve to actual curve object

I asked a question a while back about how to modify f-curves, but I wanted to go a step further. I want to take an f-curve or more specifically, a sound baked by converting to f-curves, and convert it to a physical curve object. I remember being able to do this at one point, but it’s been so long, I forgot. I seem to remember it involving a plug-in as well.

Okay. Thanks. I grabbed the add-on and it only half worked. I’m having an issue with this addon where after creating a curve (object) from a sound, it creates the curve and I can move around the viewport, but when I try to select it, Blender instantly crashes. I tried closing other programs in order to find possible conflicts, but I can’t seem to figure out why it’s doing it. I have a feeling it might because it’s running out of memory, but that seems unlikely as I’ve had much more complex scenes and I have 8GB of RAM. If there is something I can fix, please let me know.

well, it works fine here… and it is a simple script, maybe try with some other sounds first or even some other build…?

What version of Blender are you using? I tried both 2.64 and 2.66 and both crashed. There was a difference, however. In 2.64, it would give me Windows’ “Blender has crashed” dialog and ask if I wanted to send an error report, but 2.66 just immediately closed and it pretended like I right clicked the window behind it… Very strange indeed.

hi, the only problem I see is when using ‘radius’ option on a very long sound, then beveling the curve creates lots of geometry…

just tried with a 15 minutes song and it worked ok if you use a lower value, so try editing the script: go to line 86 and set cu.bevel_resolution = 1 -you can change it later in curve panel- will update the script with a lower default value

if this doesn’t help maybe send me a blend

Wow. That’s weird. When I use the radius option, it works. When I don’t use the radius, it breaks… Not really sure what to make of that…

So now the question is, how to do I turn off the radius after I’ve created it to see if it will crash then?

I managed to crash blender playing with this stuff, but not sure why yet
if you’re still into this try a simple script to transfer radius to z position on the curve

import bpy
C = bpy.context.object
P =[0].bezier_points

for bp in P:[2] = bp.radius
    bp.handle_left[2] = bp.radius
    bp.handle_right[2] = bp.radius
    bp.radius = 0

Well, that’s good enough for me! Blender no longer crashes when working with the curve… Yeah, like you said, I’m not sure why it crashes when I’m converting to a simple curve. In all actuality, I might end up using the radius feature. I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to see how I end up putting it into the final product (a music video).

ok, also be sure to try batfinger’s ‘speaker tools’ adoon

I’m curious. After a few Google searches, I wasn’t able to find much on the add-on you mentioned. Is there a YouTube tutorial or example video that might explain to me what it does? It sounds interesting, but I have no idea what it does…