convert imported (gimp svg) path to workable ?

I have been able to import gimp paths into Blender, rotated and scale these…
what I really want to do howwever is to break the shapes of the “jig-saw
puzzle” for individual coloring and extruding.

To color all or part of what I see after importing/ scaling the path, it probably
has to be converted to something… any suggestion for this part ?

As stated, I’d also like to transform each piece of the “jig saw puzzle” by
extruding it… the effect Im after is like a contoured slope… I have fifteen or
twenty sections, and would like to make these 3-d, and then carve them.

Hopefully, someone will know something about one or both of these procedures ?

Ive been looking at blender tutorials, but not seen much on imported paths like this.

Thanks for looking