Convert Irregular Shape to Perfect Circle

I have an irregularly shaped object like this:

And I need to convert it to a perfectly round circle shape. When I use Loop Tools -> Circle, like so:

It does indeed create the circle shape as expected:

However, the vertices are rotated slightly, which completely messes up the connected geometry (not shown in this example). How do I this while keeping the vertices from rotating around the z axis?

(Yes, all the scaling was applied to this object beforehand.)

It does that sometimes, yes. First I’d try circularizing one loop at a time. Failing that, see if any additional options for the LoopTools -> Circle can make a difference (F9 after circularizing). Lastly, there’s always an option to rotate the skewed result into desired orientation while using vertex snapping.

That totally was what I needed! Apparently both Flatten and Regular were checked, and when I removed the check for Regular, it gave me what I was looking for:

Many, many thanks!

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