Convert jpg to avi


I’ve made a mistake when lauching my render this week-end and forgot to turn the output format to avi. So 48h later I get 116 jpg images and not an avi video. Is there an easy way to create the avi video without having to re-render the scene?

I’m using blender 2.34 under linux.

You can use Bleder´s Sequence editor (load the sequence and output the sequence as AVI - enable the do sequence button).
Or you can use a video editor like Virtual Dub.

I’ve tried to press “anim” with the “do the sequence” button enable but it produced a movie with only black images.

With the sequence editor, I cannot load all the images at the same time, so since I have 116 images it is a bit boring. Or maybe it is just because I don’t know how to use the sequence editor. I didn’t find what I need in the documentation. So if you can explain a little more, it would be great… :smiley:

Go to the directory where the AVI files are stored and press ‘A’ to select All images. Sequence Editor will understand that to be a single sequence.

Yeah, %| it’s not documented. Yeah, I pounded my head on that one enough times, too.

“Black frames” occur when the starting and ending frame numbers of the output don’t concide with all of the available inputs. Adjust the start and end frames (below “Do Sequence”) to match the length of the strip.

Thank you, it works perfectly. You’ve saved me.