Convert Keyframed Data of Position into a Local Property of the object

Is there a way to make the location info of an object a local data so when you want to move it you don´t need to animate all the keyframes again???
I mean, with the nla strips the time problem is solved, i just need to move the strips to the point where i want the actions of a given object to begin, but ¿how to modify the placement of the object without modifying its position frame by frame? There might be a way with the nla editor, but i do not find it. The big question would be: How can i convert the keyframed data of position into a local property of the object, so i can move the object location keeping its intrinsic animation?

Thanx for your reply RamboBaby but, Ctrl+I is not working for me. Besides, it gave me an idea; i just parented my animations to an empty, so when i move the empty, animated object moves too. Anyway, i d like to know how can i convert and bake animation: do you have any idea why Ctrl+I is not working for me???