Convert modifier to animation


I’m trying to convert the results of a build modifier to an animation.
I posted here :
but didnt get any replies, but I think it makes more sense here anyway.
From doing some googling, I think the main problem is that the Build modifier is a vertex animation, which isn’t supported by other programs, and as such I need to convert it to a skeletal animation in some way. However, I have no real idea how to do that.
Does anyone know? :confused:

Thanks for the help.

I would think that any game engine would still support vertex animation, it’s the oldest form of game animation. Unity may not convert directly from the Blender modifier, though (not surprising), so you may have to export the Build animation to another format first. In 2.49b there is an export option that will convert animated mesh deformations to vertex keyframe animations of filetype .mdd. I’ve used this extensively for cloth modifier animations that I converted to shape keys in Blender. Maybe it can help you get your Build animation into Unity. I’m not aware of anything comparable in 2.5x yet.