convert n-gon to quads / tris?

any way to revert ngons back to normal polygons? also, is anyone else missing the ‘recurssion’ button on their bevel toolshelf?

Hopefully the recursion will make it back in 2.64 , as it was present in svn between 2.62 and 2.63 , but it was really broken before release (the current bevel is still nowhere as good as the one from 2.49b, hopefully will be fully fixed in 2.64)

Meanwhile, you can give a try to the “Bevel Round” that adds a “Bevel Round” button in the “T” Panel and have more function in the Operator menu (or press F6 to make it popup after clicking Bevel Round) :

For reverting the ngons into tris or quads , first select all the ngons on your model with one of the 2 solutions :

  • Unselect your model in Edit Mode, click on Select -> By Number of Verts
    then in the Operator (or press F6), leave “number of vertices” to 4 but change the default “Equal to” to “Greater than” so it will select automatically all the faces that are made of -more- than 4 vertices, indeed selecting only the ngons faces.

-Download the “” addon :
Enable it in File -> User Preferences -> Addons -> (“Testing” category may be enabled) -> Mesh -> “Mesh Face Info/Select by type”
It will add those buttons in the object data panel that allow you to quickly select related kind of face :

Then CTRL + F -> Triangulate Faces (or click on Mesh -> Faces -> Triangulate) to convert those ngons into triangle.
After that you can try a CTRL + F -> Tris to Quads to see if Blender can convert some of the triangles you created into quads.

Not sure how to convert ngons directly to polygons but Ctrl-T will triangulate them. Regarding bevel, the recursion option was pulled from the official release as it wasn’t working well. We will probably see it back later.

EDIT: Ahh, I see Sanctuary beat me to it, and with greater detail anyway :wink:

thanks guys. yeah sanctuary beats me to the punch often as well. :slight_smile:

but there is acommand to decimate ngon to tri’s but not quad

nice to see this addon for faces!

but any idea if there was lately changes to bmesh

i mean i tried an old script from 2.54
and i was able to run the script in 2.63

meaning that it was able to recognise the mesh as done in older version
and not using Bmesh ?

but this was not possible when Bmesh came out a few weeks ago ?

so any doc on this change ?