Convert Object Type

I created a tube by sweeping a Bezier circle along a Bezier curve. I then converted it to a mesh using Convert Object Type in the object menu. However, the mesh was too fine (over 19,000 faces) for use in a real-time environment (Oblivion).

I’ve spent quite some time on the Blender Wiki trying to find any information on the Convert Object Type command, without success. I would like to know if there is a way of changing the parameters of the conversion (so I could convert the curve to a coarser mesh).

go to edit mode, mesh>scripts>poly reducer

Before converting to a mesh you can set the resolution for U and V directions in the
“ResolU: V:” fields.
If you deleted your original mesh, you can select the edgeloops of the new one to use as profiles, duplicate them (without faces) and apply the script Edges to Curves (shipped with Blender)to those new vertices only. Then switch the result from polyline to NURBS and in theory you could skin them, but you’d probably be better off starting back from the first profile you had initially created.

papakapp and Maurice, thanks for you time and suggestions.

The poly reducer was the first thing I tried. Unfortunately, the reducer created ugly artifacts. Lessening the reduction by using a factor of 0.8 still produced artifacts.

Changing the default resolution did help without noticable cosmetic issues. Unfortunately, I was only able to change the U resolution (number of segments along the length of the tube). I couldn’t find a way to change the V resolution. Here is the button panel I used:

I saw (and changed) the DefResolU, but didn’t see a DefResolV. Maybe I missed something. :confused:

Ok, I finally figured it out. 'Best I can tell, changing Resol V doesn’t do anything in this context.

The key is to set the resolution of the BevOb (the curve to be swept along) with DefResolU before converting to a mesh. This allows control of the number of faces used for each segment and the number of segments along the path.

So, before converting to a mesh, in object mode, select the curve to be swept along (the BevOb, typically a Bezier circle) and set its resolution with DefResolU. Next, select the path curve and set its resolution with DefResolU. Now convert to a mesh. The image below shows some typical results.

it’s a little bit like UV

UV are for a surface and this is for Nurbs curves and surfaces
see doc in wiki

but the curve is a one dimensional thing so there is no V for curve!
Defresol define the number of interpolation points !