Convert Particles to Mesh Help

Hi everyone,

What I’m trying to do:
I imported a .dae file of 5 rocks, made them a group, and created a particle system to generate a variety of sizes and kinds of rocks. I then want to make these into meshes and then make them rigid bodies.

Process + Problem:
Plane with particle system. Emitting from face , Jittered. Rotation is checked. Under render, I chose group and chose the group of the 5 rocks, also ticked rotation and scale. Also Size and Number. After all of this, when I hit ‘convert’ under the Modifiers tab, all of the particles coming off the plane snap to group of rocks.

I’ve done this before though, but I do not remember what I did Please help! :frowning:

Before Convert
After Convert

On the bottom of the 3d view window, I think under ‘Object’, there is (or at least there used to be) an option called ‘Make Duplicates Real’. That should make all your particles a single object. Then you’ll have to go into edit mode and ‘separate by loose parts’ to make everything separate objects so you can make them rigid bodies. At least, that’s the method I used a few years ago.