convert particles to objects keeping animation

Hello guys. As written in the title I would like to know if there is a way to convert a particle system (not hair, a normal emitter) to real objects mantaining the animation of the particle simulation. Of course I am using instanced meshes as particles.

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

its way too messy around the edges to share (no user interface) but i wrote a python script to do this for a project a year ago. i should take the time to make something a little more user friendly. it was actually for doing crowd simulation, where it converts boid particles into animated figures. its way overkill for your needs (it would blend each figure between a stand/walk/run/fight/die animation based on the boid particle states) and took several minutes to run for a large army of figures.

anyway, tonight i’ll take a look at my code and see if i can extract the part for what you need, or maybe someone else has done something similar. either way, it’ll likely be a python script you’re needing.

wow your offer is really kind!

Unluckly I do not know python scripting but I thought that it probably could be done that way… I have to start study that! :slight_smile:
In the meantime I am really looking forward for your script… I think it would be a great help for the whole comunity!

Thanks a lot for your help!