Convert Path Animation to IPO - Tutorial

Hey Guys. I think it’s time to polish up Your german a little. :wink: If You want to use ‘Path Animation’ to animate Objects for the Game Engine and You don’t know how to convert it, then have a look at my new Tutorial. It’s in german, but i made a lot of nice Pictures to explain what i want to say. I hope You understand it nevertheless.
You can find it at in the Tutorial Section.
So check it out, and tell me what You think.

Cu, Doc

why can’t you just link there?

It looks very interesting, why don’t you translate it? :slight_smile:

@ z3r0 d
Oh sorry, had You Problems to find it?

@ trepido
Because my german is much better as my english.

@ all
Only two Responds!? That makes me feel sadly. Maybe You appreciate it, when You need it. :frowning:

I can’t see your(and z3r0 d’s) link now…

Broken Links? For me - all looking fine.

Nope, the links don’t work for me. Server down? :frowning:

Ha! Now i’ve got the same. Seems to be a Server Problem. I’ll see what i can do.

Ok, here is an alternate Link. That should work for now.

Cu, Doc

Not so bad as our German is! :slight_smile:
I think it would be very interesting if you can translate it [!]

It works for me. Nice work!
I can’t understand german, but many images help me.
Thank you sharing ! :smiley:

Ich kann doch kein Deutsch!

hi DOC.
I’am trying your script, and for me isn’t work :frowning:
when I run this script the window is recaltulating to your interface and when I hit ‘go’ Blender fall down.(2.25 with python 2.0 , 2.2, 2.3)
in 2.33 the script didn’t run because ‘this function doesn’t support this ipocurve type yet’

do you have any sollution?

thx jm

it’s strange, if I try to run your script it notifying my now that …

IndexError: list index out of range
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Act2IPO”, line 53, in Draw
File “Act2IPO”, line 53, in <lambda>
File “Act2IPO”, line 25, in TestIPO

:frowning: jm

the reason of my fault is that I don’t understand Deutch(but I learned it about 5 years and don’t remmeber almost anything), and maybe You don’t post everything what is necessary.
but I have IT :smiley: .
(for i.e. the IndexError: list index out of range is because you post in your tutorial set key into 1 and 101 frame, but 101 is out of range in Your ACT2IPO.blend…)
Thx DOC.

Yo jm
I’m so sorry. I haven’t seen that You are in Trouble with my Script. I tried around with it in 2.33a and run into Problems too. But NOT, if i do all work complete in 2.25. In that Case all working fine. Does it work now for You too?

thx Doc. it work for me well :slight_smile:
it’s wery helpfull, thanks again