Convert photo into 3D mesh?

Hi, I’m a total newbie to Blender, so thanks for bearing with me…
I’d like to know whether there’s an easy way to import a photo (interiors) into Blender to convert it to a 3D mesh so I can add depth to the photo?

with only one photo
don’t think there is a simple way !

there is Fspy that can help to make a 3D model from Photo

if you have many photos around a 3D object there are some external photogrammetry soft that make 3d models point cloud
which can be imported in blender

good luck
happy bl

I think ( as far as i remember that 2.92 implements a feature for binging an image info blender and the convert it to freestyle or something like that… maybe greace pencil…

Then it’s easy to convert all this to a mesh.

But forget about getting any depth info. For this you need a least 2 photos taken at the same time from 2 different point of view and make some photogrammetry :wink:

Happy blending !