Convert physics to animation keyframe (Actions) in Blender


I am trying to create a character in Blender and import it to unity. The character is like a blob, who has no bones for animation. I create any Entry animation like this using Physics in blender:


The blob is made of softbody. Now I want to convert the physics to an animation (Action) in Blender so that I can export this blob to unity with animation.

Things tried so far:

  1. I exported the physics as an MDD file and then tried importing it again. Keyframes got created, I can see it in the Dope Sheet, but the action editor has nothing in it.
  2. Also tried Object -> Animation -> Bake Action . It created Action, But there is no animation at all when I import in unity.

Download my blend file

I am new two both unity as well as Blender, Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance.