Convert psd textures in blend file to tiff or tga

Hello there,
I have a bunch of scenes with .psd textures in materials.
Now I have to make the bledner files online available.
But since packing psd files into the blend file is not possible
I have to convert them to tiff or tga.

Is there a way to do this with python?
Checking, which texture in the blender file is a psd, open it in the image editor and save it as tiff or tga and assign the new texture to the source texture node.

Packing should’t be a problem after that.

Hmm interesting… there are some python scripts to rename the files but not so much to convert them, but there are nultiple free image convertes. On th other hand you may look into something like]( ??

i have always used Gimp to do this
but i convert the *.psd images to *.png images