Convert SubSurf to mesh in old tutorial?

I’m a near total newbie on blender using version 2.37a and trying to follow this outdated tutorial for modeling a head (link below).

On that page, it mentions the ALT-C combo to turn a SubSurf into a real mesh and neither this key combo or the feature itself appears to exist any longer in blender. Instead, I click on the ‘optimal’ button and that seems to do the same thing, and that’s fine but later in the tut when you’re supposed to form faces between the edge vertices of the (copied and mirrored) halves I get a very strange looking face at the first one. Instead of basically joining the four verts in a square type of face, I get parabolic type joints being formed (instead of straight line type of joints).

So, what is the current means of converting a SubSurf to a mesh (assuming the key or ALT-C no longer exists)?

A 2nd much easier question, likely: Of course I re-tried several times the tut and once after I did the the half head duplicate and mirror and brought this half closer to the original half (before forming the faces between them), a circle formed around the center of my duplicated half-head and started to repel against the original. [In a separate try, that didn’t happen.] What feature is occurring here?

I’ve tried reading up to learn these issues, but with little luck. I will note that perhaps ALT-C doesn’t work because I’m using WinXP while this appears to be a linux tut? Wow am I confused.

Thanks for any help.

  1. Alt-C is still the correct hotkey and still works in Object Mode. Maybe you tried it in edit mode?

  2. you had Proportional Editing Tool (PET) on (O-Key shortcut)


Thanks! That ALT-C is only available in Object Mode wasn’t noted in the tut. That conversion to mesh was apparently critical to getting the faces to form right and now, happily, there aren’t any parabolic face edges forming. I’m still not finding that Conversion to Mesh function appearing in any menus.

That repel radius thing occurring in edit mode is still a mystery to me. I’ve discovered however that I can just wheel back my mouse and that shrinks the radius circle.

One Blender feature I’d like to see is some type of status line that announces the last operation/function being used. Maya has this in the script window I believe. And Photoshop at least comments in its status line about what tool you’ve selected and what modifier buttons are available to change the action in what way. Blender’s Undo History does this (in a backhanded way), but it would help to confirm with blender what you’re doing as you’re doing it. Features like that ‘repelling radius’ are great but you might like to know what its really called (so you could turn it off perhaps) and a status line like this would be a nice help.

I’m still not finding that Conversion to Mesh function appearing in any menus.

Spacebar >> Object >> Convert Object Type

That repel radius thing occurring in edit mode is still a mystery to me.

PET as said above. Oh-key:


Ohh… I see that it was the Proportional Falloff feature. I just didn’t know that it would also cause that ‘repel’ effect I described.

And, I now see Convert Object Type… I was expecting a function in the way of 'SubSurf…