Convert the instance in a geo node into instanced objects?

Is there a way to covert the instance in a geo node into instanced objects?
In case you want to export the geo node not as a single mesh.

I think you could use 1 triangle per instance and use it in a ‘instance mesh’ -

(to control object scale/ rotation/position)

Yeah, thats an old trick, I know. But, you still loosing a lot if you used more then one source object.
One thing so missing, is the tangent or normal rotation in Blender. The developers should really focus on adding that. I use still instance the classic way, because I can rotated them on the third axis manual. There are some work around using point order and uvs, but haven’t really found an easy solution yet.
The advantage of particles system is, that the used particles automatically became instances on export. I think geo nodes should do the same, or have a freeze/collapse commad, where all the point distributed instance became child object instances and only the non instance, become geometry. Kind of logic behavior.
I filled a request and also found an existing for all that. Lets hope it get done soon.