Convert to 2.8 addon

I did some modif for class name and register
but looks like it is not enough for 2.8 !

can someone help to make this work again in 2.8
just run script in the text editor and the error happen in the register section at the end
but could be anything else !

RBG-2.8-1.blend (1.9 MB)

happy bl


Here is a version without any errors. I didn’t look does my changes change behaviour of your script but at least it runs now. (1.1 MB)

do I unzip that and blend is there
or remove the zip part ?

will test it
what did you change ?

happy bl

Just unzip and open blend file.

These were changed lines:

82: bl_region_type = “UI”
289: newcol = ((nred1, ngreen1, nblue1, 1.0))
367: newcol = ((nred1, ngreen1, nblue1, 1.0))

EDIT: Forgot one more line

135: col.label(text=‘WIRE’)

I pass it to some one else who needs this
if color correction has not been mad ein 2.8
he will test it to see if it still work as in 2.79

thanks for the changes
taken note of this if needed for other addon

happy bl

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